Borsa tote Madison con borsa per il pranzo e borsa per scarpe

$189.00 USD$225.00

Color: Black


La borsa di Madison è progettato per la donna alla moda in movimento.

La Madison Tote ha un pannello centrale che converte la borsa da due scomparti in uno. La borsa include una borsa per il pranzo e una borsa per scarpe. Quando non utilizzi lo scomparto inferiore, apri la cerniera e usala come borsa.


    Nota: i clienti internazionali sono tenuti a pagare i dazi all'importazione oltre alle spese di spedizione.

    Borsa in azione


    <li>Pannello pieghevole converte la borsa</li>
    <li>La tasca posteriore nascosta con cerniera scivola anche sopra la maniglia della valigia</li>
    <li>Tasche laterali espandibili per bottiglia d'acqua, ombrello, telefono</li>
    <li>Due tasche interne applicate</li>
    <li>Una tasca interna con cerniera</li>
    <li>Scomparto frontale con cerniera</li>
    <li>Tasca interna imbottita per laptop fino a 16".</li>
    <li>Piedini protettivi in metallo</li>
    <li>Due punti di ingresso per accedere al contenuto della borsa</li>

    Dettagli del prodotto

    <li>Dimensioni inferiori: 16 "L x 6,5" W x 13 "H (in alto - 20 "L)</li>
    <li>Caduta della maniglia: 11"</li>
    <li>Può contenere: laptop fino a 15".</li>
    <li>Peso: 2,2 libbre </li> </ul>


    Pelle vegana con finiture in nylon, fodera in twill blu e dettagli dorati.

    Customer Reviews

    Based on 37 reviews
    JOAN R
    So happy

    I have been looking at this bag for over a year and finally made the purchase. I am very happy and finding it very functional.. I see myself using it for travel and work until I purchase another one
    So many compartments, no more digging for keys, pens and the lunch bag now inspire me to take lunch without an extra bag. There is no disappointment in purchasing this beautiful bag.

    Cynthia Smith

    This bag is EVERYTHING! I've shown my tote to at least 8 people who were amazed. Mostly impressed with the lunch and shoe bag that fits inside the tote. I've had 3 people say that they were going to purchase the bag including one that has me help her set up her online account!

    Diana Midyette
    Great gift.

    This is a beautiful handbag. My only complaint is that it was not made clear that only either the lunch bag could go into the large bag OR the shoes. Both will not fit in together. It is still a great gift.

    Corey Costello
    Unbelievable Quality

    I am completely blown away with the quality. I am picky with my purses and only buy designer purses like Coach, Kate Spade, Michael Kors etc so I was hesitant but this tote far exceeds any bag I’ve ever owned, I am blown away. The thought and design that went into it was thorough. They thought of everything! I will be raving about it to anyone that listens!

    Aileen Barbin
    Can't wait to use this new bag

    Judging by appearance, this is a well made and well designed bag. I will have to use while traveling before I can judge the space, size and weight. Looking forward to my first trip, it matches my luggage perfectly.