नीलाह टोटे बैग: प्री-ऑर्डर केवल

$189.00 USD$225.00

Color: Black

प्री-ऑर्डर अभी करें जबकि मात्रा 9/18 तक चलती है

24 अक्टूबर के सप्ताह में बैग भेज दिए जाएंगे 

 नीलाही ढोना इसमें डिटेचेबल मनी पाउच, इंसुलेटेड लंच बैग, शू बैग और की फोब शामिल हैं।

    *कृपया ध्यान दें: अंतरराष्ट्रीय ग्राहकों से आपको शिपिंग शुल्क के अलावा आयात शुल्क का भुगतान करने की आवश्यकता है।


    <li>शरीर के सामने पहनने के लिए वियोज्य मनी पाउच</li>
    <li>फोल्डिंग पैनल बैग को ऊपरी और निचले डिब्बों में बदल देता है</li>
    <li>स्लिप पॉकेट के अंदर गद्देदार 13 "लैपटॉप तक फिट बैठता है</li>
    <li>दो अंदर पैच जेब</li>
    <li>ज़िप जेब के अंदर</li>
    <li>एक पॉप-आउट पानी की बोतल जेब</li>
    <li>सामने ज़िप जेब </li>
    <li>मुख्य जेब</li>
    <li>बैग तक पहुंचने के लिए प्रवेश के दो बिंदु</li>
    <li>सूटकेस आस्तीन</li>
    <li>अंदरूनी ज़िपर बर्तन धारक के साथ इन्सुलेट लंच बैग</li>
    <li>जूता / कपड़े धोने का बैग</li>
    <li>स्याही कलम धारक</li>
    <li>सुरक्षात्मक पैर</li>

    वास्तु की बारीकी

    <li>ढोना आकार: 16 "एल एक्स 6" डब्ल्यू एक्स 13 "एच</li>
    <li>एक 16 "लैपटॉप तक धारण करता है</li>
    <li>वजन 2.8 पाउंड (बिना लंच बैग के)</li>


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    Customer Reviews

    Based on 21 reviews
    Janet Texeira
    Finally just one bag!

    I had been looking for a multi-functional bag with CUPHOLDERS and I finally found that with the Nilah Tote Bag. It was such a chore carrying my coffee, my lunch bag, and my purse and then having to open two doors to get into my work building. I struggled to try to find the keys and the ID card to get in while juggling my purse, lunch bag, and coffee in my hands. My hands are now free and I walk in easily. One less stress to start my weekdays. It's cute too and very professional looking.

    Barbara Nkechi
    Nilah Tote

    Beautiful bag. Well thought out design, very solid. ' Can't express how happy I am to own one of these. I've had my eyes on it for over a year. When I saw the 25% off, I had to get it cos as a Canadian...CAD to USD, EXPENSIVE SHIPPING, WICKED BROKERAGE FEES, TAXES AND DUTIES make it difficult to buy from the USA. 😢
    Hopefully, I'll get another on black friday.
    Keep making these beauties!

    Jen Mucciarone
    Love it!

    It’s big for an everyday bag and I almost returned it for smaller one, but I’m so glad I didn’t! It fits everything I need all day - laptop+accessories, notebook, shoes, makeup bag, wallet, keys - and it’s so comfortable to carry. It’s a great bag!

    Morgan R
    Great Bag but…

    The zipper flap obscures the laptop sleeve in a way that makes it awkward to put my laptop in and out of. For clarity, I have a larger 17 inch laptop and most mid to high end bags that are cute don’t fit it but this one does. My only complaint is that flap. I might even remove that part altogether.

    It’s so pretty!!!

    I love the bag! It fits my little laptop perfectly and it was perfect on the planes and through the airports of my recent trip.
    The only problem I have is with the lunch/shoe compartment. It’s perfect for my shoes, but sometimes one of the zippers comes off the track. So far I have been able to put it back in place and keep the compartment closed. I just have to be careful there.
    Otherwise I’m VERY happy with my purchase.

    Hi Debra,
    Please reach out to us at customerservice@minkeeblue.com. We're happy to take care of that for you.