The MinkeeBlue Journey on the Today Show

It was so much fun being on the 3rd Hour of the Today Show with Jill Martin. I was excited to have the opportunity to share a little about my journey starting MinkeeBlue. Jill hosts a segment called, She Made It, featuring women entrepreneurs following their dreams of starting and building a business.

Sherrill Happy Dance on the Today Show

Did you see the show? Someone commented, “you looked so calm” and then asked, “were you nervous?” Lol.

I do believe that the only reason I wasn’t as nervous as I’m sure I would have been if I was physically on the show, is because I was "Zooming" from the comfort of my home. Just before Covid, my husband and I transformed my daughter’s bedroom into a studio. She’s grown now living in her own place. But for some reason, she still has a lot to say about us changing her room. Lol

 Sherrill on Today Show

What you see on screen, is my daughter’s bedroom. It looks like an office, studio or retail shop on camera. When my daughter comes home to visit, I just rearrange the room, move the bags to the side and make up her bed. She sleeps in a room surrounded my MinkeeBlue bags. It’s a hilarious scene. Hey, I do what I gotta do during this time living in Covid.

At the end of the segment, Al Roker mentioned he would carry a MinkeeBlue bag if we tweaked a few things. Well, funny he would say that... I actually started working on a gender neutral bag over the summer. It will be available this holiday season. Join the wait list here if you're interested in having first dibs on the bag. I'm so excited!

Sherrill Happy Dance on the Today Show


Did you see the show (click below)? I did a little happy dance at the end. I'm still laughing about that.

What are your thoughts? I'd love to read your comments.