MinkeeBlue Customer Spotlight: Dr. Nicole Banton

Q: Please tell us more about yourself
I am an African-American woman, who emigrated from Jamaica as a child and have lived in the US the greater majority of my life. Presently, I am a college professor in sociology and Africana Studies at Stetson University, a small liberal arts college in FL. I am a mother, an educator,  and an  interesting sci-fi person. 

Q: What are you most proud of?
I am most proud of completing my doctorate (Sociology) and growing a good person (my daughter, Diansakhu) who is pursuing her passion as a visual artist.

Q: Who in your family inspires you?
I am most inspired by myself. I have accomplished a lot with a little. It has taken me time to appreciate that because I have been struggling for the past decade. So much so, that I gave up my dream of a tenure track position in academia because I was living in poverty with a PhD and a teenager.  

I pivoted to the realistic, and economically feasible job of being a school counselor. My Minkeeblue bag was the first professional piece that I afforded myself. It has grown with me and I just landed a tenure track position and left K12!

Q: How did you hear about MinkeeBlue?
I don't remember how I came across your bag. I have had one for years and have recommended it to my friends, family, and colleagues. I believe that I learned about you in the context of a business owned by a Black woman. I think that I was searching for a bag with the features that you blended and I saw a video about you and the bag. I was hooked.

Q: Which MinkeeBlue bag did you get?
The Mariah is just the bag for me. It covers everything that I need in my life. I can put my MacBook Pro in there, wallet, phone. A there's always some little book or some little magazine. Plus I have my lunch bag that fits in wonderfully.

Q: Which MinkeeBlue bag is on your list?
I intend to be a lifelong user of MinkeeBlue bags. The next bag that I will get is another Mariah once more colors are released.  I tell my friends about them all the time and send them clips so that they can see the video because this bag really does cover every little thing and in so many different circumstances.

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