Why MinkeeBlue?

If you’re tired of carrying your shoes, laptop, work & purse essentials in multiple bags when commuting around the city?
You need a MinkeeBlue!

MinkeeBlue “Carry-All” Bags solve a problem: The traditional tote DOES NOT work for the active woman on the go!

Woman with three bags  Lady with gym bag and purseWoman with three bags going to work

Here's what women are saying about their "bag" problems: 

  • Having to take it on and off all the time to get my wallet for business/gym. A handy dandy secure, but easy to reach pocket where my keys and wallet were accessible and easy would be cool. 
  • Narrowness of straps can make it uncomfortable to carry. When in a crowed space like train or bus, it would be nice to have a small pocket with quick access to ID amidst all other gear.  
  • Finding a place for my wet towel after I shower. Also a shoe compartment would be great. 
  • One big compartment and lots of time compartments. I need a few dividers int he big compartment. 
  • My bag is not nice enough for work and gym.


The solution needed to be both elegant AND versatile…

With a MinkeeBlue Tote, you can now take items normally carried in your purse, lunch bag, and laptop bag, and organize them in one MinkeeBlue bag. Whatever you need for your busy day—shoes, laptop, umbrella, purse essentials, phone, lunch, sweater, snacks, files—it all fits in the one bag.

The patented MinkeeBlue features a 2-in-1 bag with an adjustable divider.

When the divider is in the closed position, it creates an upper and lower compartment, separating items from the top and bottom. When the divider is in its open position, the travel bag becomes an open tote bag.

Here's how you MinkeeBlue