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Here's the scoop...
My daughter, Asia came home last Thanksgiving proclaiming she was vegan. Suddenly, we had two versions of mac and "cheese" on the dinning room table. With her "schooling" the family about clean eating over the last several months, we'll certainly have more vegan dishes on the table this year. 

In just a few weeks Asia will be graduating from Georgia Tech with a degree in environmental engineering. Yes, she wants to save the planet. In honor of my daughter's commitment, convictions, perseverance and healthy lifestyle.... I was inspired to use all man-made materials in our new Chelsea Vegan Backpack using all man-made materials.


  • Hi Carmen,

    Thanks… it’s an everyday grind, but I love the work!

    My daughter is home for the holidays and she’s been cooking up a storm with spices and plant-based foods. She has my kitchen smelling good all the time. I’m enjoying her creative dishes. Will be making some small changes myself this year.

    Glad to hear you love the black/gold Chelsea backpack! We had the awesome opportunity of during a “PopUp” at Macy’s last month. So we were only there for a few days. The bags are not sold in Macy’s… not yet, anyway. But you can still use your code anytime.

    Keep in touch…
    Best wishes,

  • Congrats to you on your phenomenal success. We are from the same area. (And I currently carry 3 bags to my teaching job.) However, I live in Delaware now. Are your bags in Macy’s in Delaware? Also, will the $20 email coupon I signed up for apply to an in-store purchase?
    I love the black/gold Chelsea Backpack. At the ripe age of 55, I’m also transitioning to more plant-based foods.
    Hope to hear a response & Happy New Year!

    Carmen Crews-Hart

    Carmen Crews-Hart

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