New Year | New Designs | New Opportunities

Thank you for helping MinkeeBlue have an Amazing Year in 2017.
We're now ready to ROCK 2018! 

This year, I'm excited about new opportunities and partnerships. I'm always thinking outside the box when it comes to introducing MinkeeBlue and I can't wait to share the news with you.  
Umm, well...what the heck...I can't hold it all in, I'm too excited. So, here are a few clues:
-- Golf anyone?
-- How about a demonstration on TV?
-- Is someone expecting a baby this year?
-- We love supporting our strong and courageous survivors who wear the pink ribbon
Any ideas what we're up to? I'll keep you posted about our new projects all year. 
What are some of the great things you're planning this year? 
Let's ROCK 2018 together! 


  • Looking for a mid to large Market style Tote

    Michele Mccoy
  • Try sending a free bag to lifestyle blogger,

    “At Work with Nikki”

    She has a great following to review your bag on her UTube Channel.


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