MinkeeBlue Goes Back to High School

I love coming to work everyday! I get to share my experiences with amazing and talented high school students who are eager to learn and contribute to my business.

Students at String Theory School work with MinkeeBlue

MinkeeBlue's office is located on the 8th floor of String Theory School in Philadelphia, PA. Dr. Jason Corosanite, Chief Innovation Officer and Co-founder of the school is the brains behind Particle, an innovative educational model and co-working space for entrepreneurs and small businesses. Dr. Corosanite wanted to offer his students real-world experience through internship opportunities working along side startups in tech, fashion, food and service-based companies. He designed and created Particle, the first high school in the country to partner small businesses with students in-house. Dr. Corosanite recognizes the educational value and experience gained through entrepreneurship as the fundamental aspect of innovation.

Students from the TV & Broadcast class work with Sherrill Mosee at MinkeeBlue on product shots and video production. "Particle is an awesome place to work and be creative. I not only have a beautiful office with a window overlooking the city, but I have access to the school's many resources including a Motion Capture Studio, 200 seat state-of-the-art theater, YouTube Kitchen Studio/Food Lab and more. In addition, I have access to an army of talented and creative students eager to learn, engage and contribute to the growth of my company.

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