MinkeeBlue Customer Spotlight: Suzanne Logue

We are so excited to launch our Customer Spotlight Series! Over the past few months we've had the privilege of getting to know our customers and have come to find that they are some of the most kind-hearted, ambitious and travel loving individuals you can meet! 
Each month we're featuring one of our wonderful customers to share a little about themselves, what inspires them, and It's like meeting a new friend who shares our love for life (and great bags!).
We're pleased to feature the Lovely Suzanne Logue for our first issue.
Q: Please tell us more about yourself.
A: I'm a recently retired choral director in the Atlanta area -thankful and incredibly proud of my 30-year career helping middle school kids discover and develop their love of singing.
Q: What are you most proud of?
A: I couldn't pick one proud moment ... there are too many to list! But seeing that awareness in the kids' eyes when they'd created and experienced beauty is an incredible feeling:-)
Q: Who in your family inspires you?
A: My mom - she continues to inspire me - she (and my late father) sacrificed so much in the early years so that my brothers and I could have every music and dance lesson (and pink & green outfit) we wanted.
Q: How did you hear about MinkeeBlue?
A: I was excited to come across the You Tube video of Kat Nesbitt showcasing the Ella tote. and how it was the ultimate carry-on bag for flight attendants. I knew she had to know what she was talking about. so the interest began.
Q: Which MinkeeBlue bag did you get?
A: I happened to mention the Ella Tote to my brother-in-law, Tom, in a travel conversation that spring, and he gifted me one that Christmas ... ! I had no idea he was paying attention!
I was excited to be able to use the tote on an airplane headed to St. Barth's this past December. It was perfect, and easy to keep under the seat. I used the dust bag as well, as I had no plans for it to get dirty. The Nichet backpack is the next item on my MinkeeBlue list:-)
Interested in being featured? Leave a comment or email us: customerservice@minkeeblue.com

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