A Gift for Mom: Happy Mother's Day

One of the first things I did when I moved into my new house years ago, was plant a beautiful pink rose bush in the yard. I love watching it bloom in the spring. The sweet aroma is so calming in the morning. The blooms only lasts a few weeks. But even after the petals drop to the ground, birds make it a safe place to lay their eggs for the new life to come shortly thereafter.

I remember all the hand-made cards and macaroni necklaces my kids made for me for Mother's Day when they were younger. But one of the most memorable mother's day gift was when my young son, got the grand idea to give me flowers for mother's day... well that's what you're supposed to do, you know... give your mom flowers on mother's day. 

As I entered the kitchen that morning, there was a beautiful glass vase full of pink roses... he knew I loved my pink rose bush... I was overwhelmed with emotion. My son bought me roses for Mother's Day!!! Wait... wait one minute here...after I examined them, I noticed the thrones still on the branches... "Did you cut these from the rose bush?", I asked... "Yes!" he said proudly. I smiled, hugged him and thank him....that was so sweet...LOL. He's now grown and buys me flowers!

What's one of your favorite Mother's Day memory?

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